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24 Oct

Clearing your Head With Bowen Therapy By Benjamin Setter

iStock_000008691107SmallSo what do you do if your plumbing is blocked? Well, if it’s your house you’d call a plumber, right? But if it is your sinuses, would you call your Bowen Therapist? Perhaps you should. A nasal decongestant might clear the nose, but it may not do much good for the sinus, which often needs a more physical approach to clearing. Here’s where Bowen Therapy comes in. By using Upper Respitory procedure a Bowen Therapist can gently remove the mucous build up out of the facial sinuses, relieving sinus pressure almost immediately.

The process is relatively simple, by manipulating the facial muscles, the sinuses can be physically opened, allowing the inflammation to drain into the lymphatic system, where the body can transport the  mucous and excrete it. The sinus pain should then subside quickly, leaving you a happy customer without a plumbing problem. This procedure will work brilliantly on any one, from babies to the aged. Upper Respiratory procedure can also acheive positive results for those suffering allergic reactions, asthma, colds, the flu, sore throats, swollen glands, ear infections and even deafness and vision impairment.

And did I mention it can help you if you’re about to hop on a plane? So next time you’re travelling, think about a seeing your Bowen Therapist before you get to 35,000-feet.

Benjamin Setter


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Celebrating 21years Of Professional Practice Using Bowen Therapy.
An Alternative Medicine/Health Practitioner: Trained In Massage Therapy Since 1991.
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Clearing your Head With Bowen Therapy By Benjamin Setter

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