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18 Dec

Christmas Well Wisher Versus Christmas Cynic By Benjamin Setter Yuletide Specialist

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Keep it Real,

Keep it under budget,

And be with people that actually want to be with you on Christmas Day or risk joining the cynical!

So are your surrounded by the Cynical?- what can be done about it? Or – for that matter – is it even wrong to be cynical around Christmas? Being angry and cynical about the commercialisation of a religious holiday isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But getting depressed or upset over something we, as individuals, cannot change is as healthy as trying to tell the tide to turn or the moon to go away.
If you are going to a Christmas get together, come Battlefield, with a cynical organiser that is determined to get back at you for some imagined slight throughout the year, then ask yourself why are you going? You have a right to go to a joyous party on Christmas day.

Ask yourself – is it time to let it go and for your own wellbeing look at a new idea for Christmas day.

Be also mindful not to get trapped by the cynical free to air news or all those social media posts telling us that such and such a council or school has banned carols or a nativity scene. Or my favourite for this year is when a Coffee Company changes the design of their festive takeaway cup to a modern sleek holiday design. It was then seen as not festive enough and somehow it is a slight against the festive season. (Laugh, I did!) If you want to be happy at Christmas don’t let someone else’s cynicism fuel your anger – stay happy and enjoy it.
The more people who love Christmas, the less chance the day can be stolen away by inept and misplaced cynical cultural sensitivities.


Benjamin Setter
Yuletide Specialist for 43 years.

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