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06 Jul

Bowen Therapy: What Can It Do For Me?








What can Bowen Therapy do for me?

Bowen therapy is versatile and a dynamic remedial therapy which assists with a varied assortment of health concerns. We at Setter’s Health Centre realise that everyone is an individual with very individual needs. Contact us today about tailoring a specific Bowen Therapy Treatment range for your needs.

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At Setter’s Health Centre we have found that Bowen Therapy is effective in treating?

hay fever,
neck pain,
shoulder pain,
tennis elbow,
knee pain and swelling,

musculoskeletal pain,

back pain relief,
burning feet,
sciatic nerve relief,

sporting injuries,

stress and tension,

restless legs,
lower back pain


grinding teeth

bells palsy,

tinnitus or ringing in the ears,

chronic fatigue,

ross river virus,
dengue fever

circulation problems,

lymphatic congestion

If you find that your individual health concerns are not mentioned above. Please contact us to discuss you individual needs.

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Bowen Therapy: What Can It Do For Me?

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