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09 Aug

Bowen Therapy Townsville Question and Answer

BenjaminPress 11-04-13 at 9.27 AM


I have been asked some interesting questions this week by our clients. So I thought I would share a few of them with you.




Q. When is the earliest you can start having Bowen Therapy after a procedures/surgery?

A. As soon as the client is ready to recieve visitors after the procedure.

Q.What is the minimum amount of Bowen Therapy Moves required to activate a client’s body to return to balance?


Q. My Jaw is clicking can you help with that?

A. Bowen Therapy has a fantastic Temporal mandibular joint (AKA Jaw) procedure that will get your jaw working fine.

Q. As an Asthmatic should I only come when I am having an attack?

A. Preventative Bowen Therapy is the key. Make sure you have at least a Bowen treatment a minimum of once per three to six weeks.

Q. If Bowen Therapy does not combine or mix with any modality, when can I have a massage?

A. Good question.. 7 days after your last Bowen Therapy Treatment – because the human Body will continue to work with the Bowen Therapy system for that length of time after the treatment. But 48-hours after a massage you can have a Bowen Treatment.

Q. I have aching feet, can Bowen Therapy help?

A. Yes, from fallen arches to bunions on toes, to spurs on heels and tendon strains, Bowen Therapy is perfect for helping the human foot.

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Bowen Therapy Townsville Question and Answer

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