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30 Apr

Bowen Therapy Townsville Health Fund Recognition


Health Fund Recognition for our Bowen Therapy Specialists here at Setter’s Health Centre.

At Setter’s Health Centre our Bowen specialists are recognised by Australian Health Funds and approved by the Australian Federal Government’s Nationally Recognised Training program. Our continuing commitment to education, mentoring, and developments in Bowen Therapy and it’s instruction. Has led to vastly improved Bowen Therapy training and assessment for our Townsville Specialists over the last 20 years.

Why is continued Bowen Therapy education important? So that Setter’s Health Centre can continue to offer an outstanding Bowen Therapy service to the community of Townsville, Queensland.

Bowen Therapy Articles by Benjamin Setter Bowen Therapy Specialist.

Bowen Therapy For Hammertoe

Bowen Therapy For Children

Bowen Therapy For The Relief Of Stress

Bowen Therapy & Your Water Consumption

Bowen Therapy and Pregnancy

Bowen Therapy for Osgood-Schlatter Disease

Home to Setter’s Health Centre… We are celebrating 23 years of authentic Bowen Therapy service in the Townsville community.

Bowen Therapy Townsville Health Fund Recognition

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