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19 Jul

Bowen Therapy Questions and Answers

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Hello everyone,

I’ve had some great questions from clients this week, so I thought it was a good time to share them with you.

Q. Can Bowen Therapy help with Arthritis? Client Kerry M

A. Bowen Therapy relieves pain from such conditions as arthritis. By relaxing the muscles around the arthritic joint, blood flow from the affected area is increased – reducing the swelling. This in turn leads to a reduction of pain to the client and increased mobility of the joint.

Q. Can Bowen Therapy help muscle strain from exercise? Russ B

A. As Bowen Therapy works directly with the muscles, it will help relieve muscle strains from exercise, lifting, falls and accidents.

Q. Can Bowen Therapy be combined with any other body pressure techniques? Lindy R

A. Bowen Therapy is a technique unto itself and is not used in conjunction with any other modality. Keep this in mind…Bowen Therapy is like a pedigree racehorse. Now combining Bowen Therapy is like putting a saddle on a pig. You can still learn to ride it…but it’s going to ride like a pig, and we all know pigs won’t go the distance.

Q. What makes Bowen Therapy so different from the rest? Casey L

A. Bowen Therapy is a system of small moves – and it’s the moves themselves that set Bowen Therapy apart from all other modalities.

Q. How many days between treatments? Ken G

A. Bowen Therapy treatments are generally once every four to seven days – depending on the injury and how your body responds.

Q.What is Bowen Therapy’s full name? Phil M

A. Bowen Therapy’s full name is Bowen Therapeutic Technique – it’s the technique that makes it unique!

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Bowen Therapy Questions and Answers

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