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28 Aug

Bowen Therapy Question And Answer By Benjamin Setter

Bowen Therapy Q&A

Benjamin on 9-03-13 at 10.17 AM #2

Dear Friends,

I have been asked some interesting questions this week by my clients. So I thought I would share a few of them with you.

Q. I came in to see you with Upper Back Pain…but I didn’t tell you about my existing lower back pain or sciatic pain down my leg. How did you make all of my body pain that I have had for years go away? Client Peter RImage-25

A. As your Bowen Therapists we look at the human spine holistically and treat not just the affected section of the spine, but the entire spine. By treating the whole spine we bring the whole spine into balance. Rebalancing the body means rebalancing the nerves, which decreases the stimulation they receive, thereby decreasing the pain you feel. In this case leaving you completely pain free!

Q. I have had major knee surgery that replaced the lot in 2000. I had been told that there is nothing that will stop the pain that shoots up and down my legs. How is it in one session with you the pain has gone away? Client Cecelia JImage-26

A. What is brilliant about Bowen Therapy is sometimes the older the injury or surgery the better the results. Rebalancing the body is what Bowen Therapy is all about!

Q. Is Bowen therapy safe to have while being pregnant? How did you make the swelling around my ankles go away. And how did you get the pain out of my left but cheek?iStock_000018321379Small

A. Yes! Bowen Therapy is completely safe to use while pregnant.  Getting good circulation to a pregnant ladies feet and hands is what Bowen Therapy is all about. By using the Hamstring and Calf muscle procedures we are able to increase circulation to your feet. And as for the pain on the Gluteus Maximus, we have sacrum procedure to release the problem.

Q. What if Bowen Therapy is combined/intergrated with any other body pressure techniques?


A. Bowen Therapy is a technique unto itself and is not used in conjunction with any other modality. Keep this in mind…Bowen Therapy is like a pedigree racehorse. Now combining Bowen Therapy is like putting a saddle on a pig. You can still learn to ride it…but it’s going to ride like a pig, and we all know pigs won’t go the distance.

Kind Regards,

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Bowen Therapy Question And Answer By Benjamin Setter

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