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22 Jan

Bowen Therapy For The Sportsperson


Dear Friends,

Have you ever needed a quick and effective treatment for acute sports injuries? Well, Bowen Therapy is definitely worth trying. Whether you play a stop-start sport, such as surfing, netball, indoor and outdoor soccer, rugby league, touch football and cycling – or if you love to hit the golf range on the weekend, then consider this…over the last 20 years I have seen a significant number of golfers improve their swing after Bowen Therapy. Pulling up sore after a long ride? Bowen Therapy and cyclists battling the ‘Three Hills’ go hand in hand. Bowen Therapy is important for injury repair and body balance – and this brings a sports-person back to the game.
Bowen Therapy is also for the prevention of sporting injuries – so just before the finals, come in for a Bowen treatment 5 to 7 days before game-day and make sure your body is in balance and ready for action.
Pictured above is Milo Gaffney doing what he does best!
Until next time,
Benjamin Setter.
Practice Founder. Ph: 0747288800 Email: 
Celebrating 21years Of Professional Practice Using Bowen Therapy.
An Alternative Medicine/Health Practitioner: Trained In Massage Therapy Since 1991.
Publisher Of The Setting The Path E-Magazine Join our mailing list now.
Columnist for the Sun Newspaper.
Bowen Therapy For The Sportsperson

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