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15 May

Bowen Therapy does not combine or integrate with any other treatment!

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One of the most frequently asked questions by both Clients and Professionals in Townsville alike is, “Why does Bowen therapy not combine or integrate with any other treatment?”

Tom Bowen demonstrated that Bowen Therapy is less effective, or will cease to function at all, if any other treatment was combined with his technique. This has been shown to be true when my own clients have chosen to ignore this and have, for example, had a massage a few days after a Bowen Therapy Treatment. The result? That massage stopped the Bowen Therapy. And this becomes another problem  – people begin to think Bowen Therapy doesn’t work for them, and, well, word of mouth gives us Chinese whispers. There’s a lot of misinformation about Bowen Therapy and it’s effectiveness as a treatment – which isn’t helped when some Therapists ignore the fundamental premise of Tom Bowen’s technique and mix various treatments together – more is not necessarily better. So when searching for Bowen Therapy be sure to ask for a Bowen Technique and not a combination/integrated/ adapting body pressure Technique.

And as an added tip – make sure you don’t use any magnetic underlays or body magnets while undergoing Bowen treatments, just like that massage, a magnet will also disrupt the work your Bowen Therapist is doing.

Benjamin Setter

Bowen Therapy Specialist of Townsville.

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Bowen Therapy does not combine or integrate with any other treatment!

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