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19 Sep

Bowen Therapy And Muscle Food By Setter Health Centre Townsville


Does food really play our tune? Will that slice of bread make us feel happy or sad? Is dinner keeping us awake? Food shapes our lives, from the moment we’re awake until the light goes off at night we’ve built our day around meals. But what happens when that dessert makes a life changing decision for us? Is it possible? If our food is changing our mind, what is food and Bowen Therapy doing to help your body heal? Let us take a poke at Bowen Therapy and muscle food!!!

Bowen Therapy and your muscles don’t exist in a vacuum…all those moving parts in your body are a product of what you’ve eaten. Those muscles are built out of the proteins and fueled by the carbohydrates you’ve eaten in the previous days or weeks. And since Bowen Therapy relies on those muscles to shape your treatments, then it is very important for those muscles to be getting all the nutrients they need to help your body heal. Iron is ridiculously important to your treatment. The more iron in your diet the more efficiently oxygen is moved from your lungs to your muscles and brain. The more oxygen the faster your healing rates and the sharper you’ll feel. This means eating more red meat, egg yolks, dark green leafy vegetables like spinach, prunes and raisins, shellfish, liver, chicken giblets, beans, lentils, chickpeas and artichokes.

But that’s not all. That iron needs all the help it can get too. This means big helpings of food rich in Vitamin C – which includes capsicum, guavas, those green leafy veges again, kiwi fruit, berries, citrus, tomatoes, peas and paw paw. And it also means lots of the various Vitamin Bs too – and that will mean bananas, nuts, eggs, yogurt, grains, shellfish, milk products, yeast and poultry.

Sounds complicated? You may have noticed many of the foods rich in iron, Vitamin C and Vitamin B are actually the same. Eat fresh, nutritious meals preferably from the farm instead of the factory and you’ll be well on the way towards supporting those muscles to fix your body. So the moral of the story is Bowen Therapy will help you more if you can help yourself.

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