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06 Feb

Bowen Therapist’s, is there a point where you won’t treat a client?

BenjaminPress 11-04-13 at 9.27 AM

I was asked this question, “As a Bowen Therapist, is there a point where you won’t treat a client?”

So stay with me as I answer this question for you see it’s a biggie – where do you stop? Should we be treating clients with terminal cancer? What about M.S. or Parkinson’s disease? A brain tumour? HIV – now that hasn’t gone away. Alcoholism hasn’t either. What about mental illness? What’s the mind got to do with Bowen Therapy?

The truth is, Bowen Therapy is about the body – which the brain is a part of – so if there’s a problem with the body, Bowen Therapy can help, even if it is just to relax the muscles from the anxiety of a serious illness. A Bowen Therapist should not be discouraged by viruses and cancer. Instead, they really should boldly go where no Bowen Therapist has gone before. They must find the fortitude to work with the gravely ill. Yes, some patients will die…but if a Bowen Therapist can take away a little bit of pain, offer a little comfort, then why should they not offer help?

So for all Bowen Therapists out there…find your courage!

Find the courage to look other medical professionals in the eye and tell them a Bowen Therapist’s touch is not limited to muscular and skeletal injuries. And find the courage you will need to repeat every move with disciplined perfection. Day in day out, don’t let the repetition break you…get every Bowen move right and repeat it a thousand times.

Make that discipline teach your hands and mind to be absolutely proficient in Tom Bowen’s Technique. Bowen Therapy is for the long term! The moves you make today can shape a client’s life for years.

And above all, know your own limits. We all have them, even Bowen Therapists. You may not be comfortable working with the terminally ill as they draw their last breath – I wasn’t at first, and it took me ten years to know when I was ready to.

So, fellow Bowen Therapists, having read all of this, perhaps it’s time for some personal discovery. What will you say when someone asks, “What is untreatable for a Bowen Therapist?”

Benjamin Setter

Bowen Therapy Specialist – Instructor In Training

Alternative Medicine Townsville for 23 years.

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Bowen Therapist’s, is there a point where you won’t treat a client?

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