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15 Feb

Bowen Bits 9: Bowen Therapy is a stand alone modality!

In Recent years, it has become clear that some people are trying to rewrite history. For they claim that Bowen Therapy can be mix with other treatments. This is simply False!

The problem lies in the fact that some people believe they know better then Tom Bowen. Who stated that his system of moves would not work if anything else was used. And from all reports got quiet angry if one of his patients disobeyed that rule.

For myself as a dedicated Bowen Therapist I simply say, “That Tom Bowen did not need to tack other modalities on to his work. So why do I need any other gimmicks that deceive people.”

Bowen therapy is a complete system, and will either cease to function, or be less effective if any other therapy is used in conjunction with, or after a Bowen therapy Treatment.

If it is your intent to have for e.g. a massage, make sure you have the massage 24 hours prior to your Bowen Treatment. For more information please contact us to discuss your needs.

Bowen Bits 9: Bowen Therapy is a stand alone modality!

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