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19 Jan

Bowen Bits 2 – Body Balancing Routine

Setter’s Health Centre offers exclusively the ‘Body Balancing Routine’. This is a twenty minute entire body routine which anecdotal evidence shows prevents recurring injury, build and tones muscles where injury have already occured, assists with pain management in chronic pain conditions and allows a person to take control of their own physical health. Regular moderate exercise has not only physical health benefits, but increases endorphins or natural pain killers/mood lifters and is an effective natural stress management strategy.

The Body Balancing is Taught to you during an hour to hour and a half session, where you get to do the routine to ensure that your posture and understanding of each exercise is correct. We have found that the Body Balancing Routine in conjunction with Bowen Therapeutic Technique treatments provides both physical and mental health benefits.

If you would like further information about this routine, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Bowen Bits 2 – Body Balancing Routine

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