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24 Feb

Bowen Bits 16: Setting the Path Newsletter

Mood and Balance, Bowen Therapy and Balance, wait… I just repeated myself!

Welcome to the February edition for 2012, we hope you are enjoying this year as much as we are. And we hope the hobby or sport that you have chosen for this year is challenging to you.

It is incredibly important to realise the connection between Mood and Balance.

Let us define the word ‘mood’- a state or quality of feeling at a particular time.

Let us define the word ‘Balance’- a state of equilibrium

Let us define ‘Bowen Therapy’ – a quality of feeling, brought on by a state of equilibrium.

Yes that last definition maybe a little tongue in cheek. But it does raise an interesting question. Can Bowen Therapy help with mood and balance in all age groups?

In this edition we will discuss this and more….As we look at the wonders of Vit D, and how it can effect mood and balance.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the Body Balancing Routine, which is continuing to bring a state of equilibrium to those who have chosen to learn and use it.

So as we continue down the road of February 2012, and we can see the storms coming remember to walk out into the early morning light, and take a moment to stand tall, breath deeply and enjoy being alive!

* * *

Celebrating 20 years

At the end of November 2011, I, Benjamin Setter celebrated 20 years as a Bowen Therapist operating in this wonderful city of Townsville QLD. I would humbly like to thank all of you who have walked though my door over the last 20 years, and allowed me to help you through some very trying times in your lives. It has been a wonderful journey to be your Bowen Therapist in Townsville QLD, and to watch as you have recovered from injury using Bowen Therapy.

What is Bowen Therapy?

A Bowen Therapist rolls the muscles to stimulate the nerves underneath. In a set system of these moves, we get the body to respond and realign. In essence we are getting the human body to work for itself.

Did you know?

“Tom Bowen’s Technique Modality was named in his honour ‘Bowen Therapy‘ years after his death in 1982.”

“Tom Bowen never used his Technique in combination with any other modality because it was clear that the work became less effective or ceased to function at all.”

“Tom Bowen trained only ‘six men’ in his modality. Mr Ossie Rentsch the founder of the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia (Bowtech) is one of these six. Sadly, at this time none of these men reside in Townsville.”

“Everyone is better with Tom Bowen’s Therapy in it’s original form.”

Bowen Bits 16: Setting the Path Newsletter

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