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22 Oct

Benjamin Setter Talks About My Journey With Bowen Therapy In Townsville

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Friends, in January of 1991, I was involved in a motor accident. The injuries sustained left me with a severe spinal curvature. Through a family friend, I received one Bowen Therapeutic Technique treatment every week for three months. At the end of this period I was relieved and surprised to find my spine had straightened.

I decided at the age 19 to train in Bowen Therapy (Bowen Therapeutic Technique.)

Then I set up Setter’s Health Centre in Townsville and moved to Specialise in this remarkable technique.

In 22 years of professional practice I have never regretted that decision!

Since then I have worked tirelessly to bring this healing wonder now known world wide as Bowen Therapy to the attention of my community.

When I first learned Bowen Therapy, the Instructor a little known guy by the name of Mr Ossie Rentsch stated, “Learning Bowen Therapy is fantastic for any Professional. But it is just as fantastic for the use on your own family.”

How true this has turned out to be, for my daughter who is now a grown up six year old. Is the most well Bowen treated child the world has ever known.

I have found that Bowen Therapy is fantastic for the young, and the young at heart.

In closing it is truly fantastic that I live in a the City of Townsville where Bowen Therapy remains at the forefront of alternative pain relief.

Until Next,

Benjamin Setter

Bowen Therapy Specialist – Instructor In Training.

What is Bowen Therapy?

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Bowen Therapeutic Technique (Bowen Therapy) is a dynamic system of muscle and connective tissue therapy that encourages the body to right itself. This technique involves a gentle roll over the muscle. By using a set system of these small moves from the base of the neck to the tips of the toes, with small waits of 2 minutes or more between sets of moves, the Bowen Therapist stimulates the body’s innate healing system to realign and re-balance.

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Home to Bowen Therapy in Townsville… Setter’s Health Centre.

What to expect when having a Bowen Therapy Benjamin on 9-03-13 at 10.17 AM #2Treatment?

Bowen Therapeutic Technique (Bowen Therapy) is completely safe for the newborn baby to the frail and elderly. It is gentle, fast and an effective way to treat health concerns from sporting injuries to pain, stress and discomfort. Bowen Therapy stimulates the patient’s musculoskeletal system into realigning itself.

The beauty of Bowen Therapy is that it will not interfere, and works well, with all medication and/or dietary supplements and is gentle but powerful. A treatment takes about one hour.

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Home to Bowen Therapy in Townsville… Setter’s Health Centre

Benjamin Setter Talks About My Journey With Bowen Therapy In Townsville

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