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17 May

Being an Adult Carer is a Full Time Career.

Dear Friends,warmups

This last week, we’ve had quite a few carers walk through our door with a range of injuries – but above all they were each facing ‘burn out’.

Now whether you are a young full-time mother with your first child – or a full-time adult carer for your elderly parent – the response to stress and anxiety can lead to exhaustion.

Burn out is real!

Mrs Elsa Palanza – who is now deceased – worked for many years as a geriatric nurse in Townsville. When I met her late in her career, I asked her what was the greatest lessons learned from her occupation?

Quietly she said, “All too often we would bury the carer before the aged relative.” This is because it is such an all consuming commitment – there’s no weekends, there’s no holidays, there’s just 24/7 caring. Little wonder the carer gets old before their time!

So to all the full time carers out there, get a handle and what you can and can’t do as quickly as possible. Try to find what life balance you can before the ‘burn out’ appears. Learn to relax when you can! Learn to do breathing exercises! Learn about Bowen Therapy and what it can do for you!

On behalf of the staff of Setter’s Health Centre thank you for choosing us.

Benjamin Setter.
Practice Founder. Ph: 0747288800 Email: 
Celebrating 21years Of Professional Practice Using Bowen Therapy.
An Alternative Medicine/Health Practitioner: Trained In Massage Therapy Since 1991.
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Columnist for the Sun Newspaper Townsville. (Every three weeks)
Being an Adult Carer is a Full Time Career.

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