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10 Jan

Be careful with your vitamins – they’re not like eating candy







Don’t get me wrong, vitamins are good for you…and as the nutrient levels of our mass produced and processed food falls, often vitamin and mineral supplements are our only choice to maintain a healthy body – but there are caveats. Just because your doctor hasn’t prescribed that bottle of goodness, doesn’t mean it can’t have powerful affects on your body – some will be good, but it can, under some circumstances, be bad. Recent studies have found that taking antioxidants such as  Co-enzyme Q10, selenium and Vitamins A, C and E can interfere with cancer treatments. How? Well, by these helpful supplements doing their job to protect cells.

Here’s the short story…

An antioxidant defends your cells by neutralising oxidants – those free radicals that are floating around your body looking for cells to kill. That’s the good news story. Where it goes bad for people undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatment, is that these treatments are essentially introducing free radicals into the body to kill cancers cells – and if they run into an antioxidant, well, they don’t get to finish the job. In fact, the most recent Australian study has found that patients mixing antioxidant vitamin supplements with their cancer treatments have a lower recovery rate from than those who weren’t taking supplements.

So the lesson is – don’t underestimate those supplements you’re taking – if you have underlying health issues being treated by your doctor, make sure you tell them you are taking supplements. Fish oil and Omega 3 supplements can delay surgery by thinning your blood, antioxidants can keep the wrong cells alive, and some vitamins can affect our moods and temperaments. The best advice when it comes to taking your supplements is to follow the daily dosage suggestions, keep an eye out for any changes in how you feel once you start taking them, and if you are being treated for other health problems, make sure your doctor knows what you are taking.


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Be careful with your vitamins – they’re not like eating candy

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