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17 Jan

Bad posture is a pain in the neck



While most people assume injuries happen playing sport, twisting the wrong way or lifting something – the truth is sitting around can be just as bad for the body. So what warning signs should you be looking out for when it comes to posture related injuries?

The Harvard School of Medicine may have only just proved it, but Bowen Practitioners have long been aware of neck and shoulder pain resulting from poor posture or badly designed work stations. The Trapezius and Rhomboid muscles are working hardest when keeping the head immobile for working or sitting, so these suffer the most. Chances are if you have neck or shoulder pain, these will be the culprits. The lower Trapezius can also contribute to frozen shoulder or pinched tendons in the shoulder joint.

Lower back pain and Sciatica result from deformed disks or the lower back muscles straining from poor sitting positions. Pain will often refer down the legs from the buttocks.

And we can’t forget the knees. A lot of people get sore knees after sitting for long periods – think long haul flights across the country. The pain is usually at the front of the knee, and might get self-diagnosed as arthritis. What is actually happening is that the posterior surface of the patella (the kneecap) is rubbing against the femur (thigh bone) – result – pain.


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Welcome to Setter’s Health Centre the home of Bowen Therapy in Townsville Queensland Australia.

Providing 21 years of continual Bowen Therapy care to the Townsville community. And continuing to set the standard for Bowen Therapy care for all others to follow.


Celebrating 21 years of continual Bowen Therapy Practice in Townsville.



At the end of November 2012 we celebrated 21 years as a Bowen Therapist operating in this wonderful city of Townsville QLD. We would humbly like to thank all of you who have walked though our door over the last 21 years, and allowed us to help you through some very trying times in your lives.

What is Bowen Therapy?



A Bowen Therapist rolls the muscles to stimulate the nerves underneath. In a set system of these moves, we get the body to respond and realign. In essence we are getting the human body to work for itself.

Did you know?

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“Tom Bowen’s Technique Modality was named in his honour ‘Bowen Therapy‘ years after his death in 1982.”

“Tom Bowen never used his Technique in combination with any other modality because it was clear that the work became less effective or ceased to function at all.”

“Tom Bowen trained only six people in his modality. Mr Ossie Rentsch the founder of the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia (Bowtech) is one of these six. Sadly, at this time none of them reside in Townsville, Australia.”

“Everyone is better with Tom Bowen’s Therapy in it’s original form.”

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Setter Health Centre has been providing 22 years of continual Bowen Therapy care to the Townsville community.

Bad posture is a pain in the neck

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