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25 Mar

Back Pain Verses The Dreaded Mop And Bucket!!


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Hello, and welcome to another week, I hope you are doing mighty fine. Today is the time to discuss the housework injury that rules them all – the dreaded mop. Do not be fooled into thinking it is in any way user-friendly. That’s because the mopping-action used by so many in our community is one of the largest causes of back pain injuries in the home.

Let’s call it the ‘Side to Side’.

When I was a student of Hospitality at Pimilco Tafe in 1991 we were instructed on how to mop and not destroy your back. Interestingly enough, you only have to twist just a little too far either way and BAM – welcome to the excruciating pain of a neck, upper or lower back spasm as the spine moves out of alignment. Congratulations, you’ve totally unbalanced your body! Back pain could be rolling down either leg through the sciatic nerve channel with radiating pain reaching all the way to the foot. OUCH!

This is where Bowen Therapy can really help,  as it is excellent for the relief of back pain and sciatic nerve pain. Please do not hesitate to Phone or Book an appointment on 07 4728 8800, via email at or on our online appointment form.

“Well,” you ask, “What is the correct way of mopping the floor?”

The mopping action should be to push the mop forward in front of your body and then back towards you. Keep your hips and lower back in line with no side-to-side rotation at all.

And there you have it…Till next time.

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Back Pain Verses The Dreaded Mop And Bucket!!

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