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12 Jun

Back Pain – pinpointing the problem


Back pain – nothing is more debilitating for a person, or more challenging to live with as back pain. One of the major issues faced with back pain is identifying where in the spine the pain originates and then work with our client’s injuries to rebalance the area. By doing so Bowen Therapists not only ease the pain, but strive to bring the client back into balance with a pain free living environment.

How can Bowen Therapy help Back Pain? We look at the human spine holistically and treat not just the affected section of the spine, but the entire spine. By treating the whole spine we bring the whole spine into balance. Rebalancing the body means rebalancing the nerves, which decreases the stimulation they receive, thereby decreasing the pain you feel.

Less pain equals more movement and better quality of life.

Back Pain – pinpointing the problem

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