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19 Mar

Back Pain And The Four Nasty Horsemen of Domestic Life : Washing, Vacuuming, Mowing, And Hanging Washing!

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We all know them…some enjoy them…others groan in dismay. These four activities are taxing enough on a body normally…but add a massive work week, high stress, not enough water, a lack of dietary vitamins, bad ergonomics, and – perish the thought – a lack of regular Bowen Therapy for maintenance. And all the while doing the big four nasties!!! Well, lets have a laugh as we look at all four!

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WASHING: Don’t be deceived by its outwardly calm appearance, the normal upright washing machine is just waiting for you to overfill it with love. As you start to wrench out the jammed blankets, clothes, and for me, sheets. You do not realise the angle this puts the body, and so as you wrench the clothes out you wrench your neck, upper back and shoulders out of alignment! And with a silent neigh the first domestic horseman has struck. Word of advice – follow load directions and save on the pain in the neck and shoulders.

VACUUMING: Now this is pure comedy! Apart from my wife Cindy who reads all instructions before use, no one seems to know or realise the actual ergonomic nightmare (pardon the pun) a vacuum cleaner can be. It isn’t the size of the unit, it is the way people turn themselves into a pretzel to get under things. My favourite  is the client who lifts up a chair and attempts to balance 30 to 130kilos of lounge with one arm while vacuuming with the other. The strain on the lower back is to much and then the client staggers into see me resembling a broken tree with extreme lower back pain! And, with a turbo chuckle, the second domestic horseman has struck. Word of advice – learn about the proper way to vacuum, it is quite interesting and beats the painful outcome hands down.

MOWING: Well, I always hear about the fact that one client has a bigger and faster cutting lawn mower then another. Yes it maybe bigger, but with bigger comes more vibration through the operator. This may feel okay to a person with a sore back for about four to seven minutes like a massage. After that it is just a back spasm maker waiting to happen! Then add a oversize catcher!! And lets not look past the one pull start cord that take 100 pulls but yet no start!! Well, I think you get my point! Firstly mowing should be looked at like a sport, and as such a proper body balancing routine is a good start. What is a body balancing routine? Stretches from head to toe. If you do not know how to stretch book with us to learn them now. I am very fond of preventative measures, so as the old saying goes prevention is better then cure.

HANGING WASHING: It all starts and ends with the legs and feet! Apart from the way people overload the washing basket, and a 25kg maximum load into a devastating 50kg of back pain possibilities. Follow this up with a person who is facing the clothes line and then twisting from the only the waste up to get the next piece of clothing. This will spasm the lower back – causing excruciating pain down the legs. Word of advice – learn the art of moving the whole body to face the washing line and then turning the whole body to reach for the next washing item.

In closing all I can ask you to do is keep a smile on your face. And be mindful of your actions in your surroundings as this bright year rolls on. So the question I have to ask you is – which of the above is your pet hate or love? Please let me hear from you?

Thanks for all the emailed questions to our Content Editor Arthur Shale and myself. Keep ’em coming!

Until next time,

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Back Pain And The Four Nasty Horsemen of Domestic Life : Washing, Vacuuming, Mowing, And Hanging Washing!

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