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05 Feb

Asthma, it can be what you eat


One of the big traps with asthma is believing it’s all about what you breathe. The trouble is the pathway for an irritant or trigger can be a much longer one than a grain of pollen lodging in your bronchili. Dairy products are a frequent cause of the sinus and chest infections that can lead to an asthma attack. If you or your child suffer frequently from sore throats and sinus infections that then become ‘chesty’, reconsidering your dairy intake – particularly milk – may be a solution to consider.

Cows milk has become the most common food allergen for children under three in the United States and the main cause of these allergic reactions has been isolated to the protein Alpha S1 Casein. So is there a way to avoid this allergen and still drink milk? Well, it just so happens, the answer is yes. Goats milk contains 89% less of this protein and studies have shown that 93% of the infants who reacted to cows milk could drink goats milk without any ill-effects. And while you might think turning to goats milk is a little too alternate in lifestyle for your liking, then consider this – goats milk makes up 65% of the world’s milk consumption. Australians might like their cows milk, but we’re actually in the minority.

Still, while milk could be the cause of your asthma troubles – eggs, shellfish, fish, yeast products, nuts, food colourings and preservatives have all been identified as allergens too. Which means two things to do. Firstly – you should take careful note of the events leading up to an asthma attack rather than considering all that coughing and restrictive breathing independently of anything else. Something causes asthma so go looking for that cause. It might have been something you don’t usually eat, or something that gives you asthma all the time. Secondly – when you think you’ve found a cause, go to your doctor to make sure. Testing can be carried out to identify allergens.


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Asthma, it can be what you eat

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