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03 Dec

Alternative Medicine – Vitamin B, your migraine cure?



Suffer from migraine headaches? Well, it looks like there is something you can do other than swallowing powerful pain relievers. A pilot study carried out on the Gold Coast during 2009 with 52 patients suffering long-standing migraines found that daily supplements of vitamin B9 folic acid (2 milligrams), vitamin B6 pyridoxamine (25 milligrams) and vitamin B12 cyanocobalamin (400 micrograms) resulted in a two-fold reduction in migraine disability when compared to a placebo. A larger study across Queensland is beginning shortly, however researchers have been careful to say that the Vitamin B supplements only work on some types of migraine. If these Vitamin B doesn’t work for you there is always Bowen Therapy.


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Alternative Medicine – Vitamin B, your migraine cure?

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