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18 Feb

Alternative Medicine Townsville: The Good Old Cup Of Tea

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Remember the good old cup of tea? Back in 1949 the average Australian drank 3.2 litres of the stuff, by 2006 we were down to 800ml, and chances are a fair bit of that was herbal or green rather than the traditional black. So for all of us who have turned Australia into a nation of coffee drinkers, are we missing out on the teapot? Tea certainly has a few things going for it, and when all stacked up is probably better for us than coffee. For those worried about their blood pressure, a cup of tea only has half the caffeine.
Tea is also rich in anti-oxidants (up to twenty times that of coffee), plus vitamins C, D and K. It has been shown to strengthen teeth, reduce cholesterol and blood clotting, and may also lower the risk of Ovarian and Breast Cancer. Green tea is the least processed of the varieties, and tea bags are actually better for us than loose leaves – because we usually remove the teabag from the water, which prevents the heated leaves from ‘over cooking’ in the pot and losing their nutritious goodness.

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