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19 Feb

Alternative Medicine How Do You Cultivate Happiness?

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How Do You Cultivate Happiness?

Friends, happiness is what we all strive for…. Not a single person I have ever met has said to me that they would prefer to live in fear of cyclones, sadness, or be depressed.

But how do we mentally cultivate happiness?

At some time in our lives we all will have met a person who is always happy – even amidst such tragic life trials that would have brought others to their knees…. Please don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that this person does not feel grief, fear of cyclones or sadness. This extraordinary individual does not let it overwhelm their entire life.

So over the following weeks I intend to explore the wonders of cultivating happiness.

My starting point:


Every day from the moment your feet hit the floor, first thing in the morning. Move to mentally develop almost a childlike sense of wonder of being alive. Focus on the beauty of every living thing in your life and treasure them. Make the most of each day.

Do not take anything for granted. Do not sweat the small irritations of life. And above all else you can only control your own mental actions…. No one else’s!

Important Note : With any new approach to change, a trial period of daily practice for 6 weeks should be applied to increase your chances of success. So print this out and put it on your fridge to read daily.

Benjamin Setter.

Bowen Therapy Specialist in Alternative Medicine for 23 years.

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Alternative Medicine How Do You Cultivate Happiness?

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