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15 Aug

Alternative Medicine-Health Townsville Movie Review by Brian O’Donoghue






Movie reviews in a Health Facebook Page?  Why not?  I’m sure Benjamin is able to explain the connection between good health and a stress free lifestyle.


And one way to have some stress free ‘me’ time is to escape to the movies. Making the journey to the multiplex for a movie lets you enter a world of fantasy, adventure and comedy. But never forget the value of movie at home!


And a suitable movie is usually always available. Pick one that you know will let you escape for a couple of hours.


And here are some recommendations:



An Australian musical whereby a talented but bored housewife uses her webcam to communicate with the world via her original songs. Becoming an internet sensation, she is then targeted by a ruthless advertising executive for her greedy purposes.

A feel good film for those who want  a couple of hours of light distraction.



Another Aussie film, this time a true story. Four aboriginal girls from the bush are transformed into a Supremes style singing group by a drunk Irishman, the idea being to be sent to Vietnam by the Army to entertain the troops.  Lots of Soul music on the soundtrack performed mainly by Jessica Mauboy and Deborah Mailman. Chris O’Dowd plays the Irishman to perfection. Tense and tender at the same time, this movie can be seen over and over again. And if you do enjoy it, check out another Aussie musical Bran Nu Dae with Ernie Dingo.



Good Sci-Fi is always an reliable way to escape the day to day. Tom Cruise is back on top in this intelligent thriller set waaay in the future when humans have left Earth  because it has been made uninhabitable. However, not all is as it appears. This movie is more intelligent than it first appears and the ending is quite surprising so don’t fall asleep.

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Alternative Medicine-Health Townsville Movie Review by Brian O’Donoghue

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